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Step 1

  • Connect the fresh water supply.
  • Remove the supplied 5/8 inches water hose from the right side of the Mat Wizard.
  • Hook up one side of the hose using the fittings on the back of the Mat Wizard.
  • Hook up the other side of the hose to fresh water.
  • Adjust water valve, located in the bottom right inside panel.

Step 2

  • Connect the drain.
  • Remove the supplied 1.5 inch drain hose from under the Mat Wizard.
  • Insert the hard plastic end into the drain port, located on the back of the Mat Wizard.
  • Insert the other end into a sewage drain.

Step 3

  • Have a licensed electrician make electrical connection.
  • The lights on the display should be on at this point.
  • If not, check that the breaker inside the Mat Wizard control box is on.

Using your Mat Wizard

  • Turn the toggle switch to “wet” or “dry”.
  • Press the “RUN” button.
  • Insert mat, upside down, into the mat feeder slowly.
  • Press “STOP” when you are done.


  • Do not insert mats larger than 27.5” wide.
  • No minors or small children are allowed to operate the Mat Wizard.
  • Do not insert your hands or fingers into the mat feeder.
  • Do not insert folded mat. Mats must lay flat.
  • Do not insert towels, cushions, damaged mats, mats containing metal or other bulky items, or plastic molded mats, such as weather mats.
  • Clean the tray regularly to clear debris, sand, soil, and dirt.
  • Check the tension of V-belts and replace if needed.
  • Check the tension of R/T belt and adjust if needed.
  • This Mat Wizard is designed to use 110/120 voltage, single-phase electricity ONLY.