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My Mat Wizard is not running.

  • Check main power line & breaker.
  • Check Thermal Overload.
  • Contact an electrician.

The breaker is tripping.

  • Check breaker, unplug it. Replace the plug if not working properly.
  • Check 1⁄2 HP motor.
  • Check blast motors.

The mat is not feeding through properly.

  • Check all V-belts for loose/wear & tear. Adjust or replace if needed.
  • Check R/T belt tension.

No water is coming through.

  • Check solenoid valve.
  • Check the water line for proper flow.

The Mat Wizard does not clean the mat well.

  • Check the bristle brush for wear or obstruction, clean/replace as needed.
  • Ensure water manifold is operating correctly.

The mat is stuck inside the Mat Wizard.

  • Open top hood and loosen R/T belt tension.
  • Pull the mat out slowly.
  • Re-adjust tension on R/T belt.
  • Check for foreign objects.

How to adjust the timer settings:

Please view our helpful video on how to adjust your timer settings by visiting our videos page.

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